This documentation supports the 21.02 version of BMC Helix CMDB.

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Exporting reconciliation job definitions

Use the Reconciliation Job Export utility to migrate reconciliation job definitions from one server to another server, for example, from the development server to the production server. 

By using the Reconciliation Job Export utility, export the reconciliation job definitions to an ARX file. After you export the job definitions, you must use the Data Import Tool to import the job definitions to the production server. For example, if you modified any standard reconciliation jobs or created custom jobs in the development server, you can use the Reconciliation Job Export utility to export the job definitions to the production server. 

The Reconciliation Job Export utility can be run remotely from your local computer, even if there are no BMC components like AR System and CMDB, installed. The configurations to run the utility are provided in the JAR file

Process overview

Before you begin

  • Make sure that you have created or modified a few reconciliation jobs on the development server. 

To export the reconciliation jobs

  1. Open Command Prompt and change the directory to where the file is extracted.
  2. Run the reconjobexportutility.bat file.
    The following information is displayed:

  3. Enter the corresponding number of the action that you want to perform and enter the exact job name when prompted.
    For example, if you enter 1 , to export a specific job, you must enter the exact job name when prompted.
  4. Enter the AR System server details:
    1. Host: Enter the host name.
    2. Port: Enter the TCP/IP port number. You can refer to the configuration file for the port number:
      (Windows) ar.cfg
      (UNIX) ar.conf
    3. User: Enter the AR server login credentials.

    The ARX file is created in the same location from where the utility is run.
    Depending on the number entered by you, an ARX file is created with the corresponding settings for the jobs, activities, and qualifications. The following table lists the name of the ARX file that is created based on the number entered by you:

    1Export a job<jobname>.arx
    2Export all jobsAllReconJobs.arx
    3Export all active jobsAllActiveReconJobs.arx


To export multiple jobs but not all jobs, run the utility separately for each job. A separate ARX file is generated for those specific jobs. 

To import the reconciliation jobs by using the Data Import Tool

Import the data in the ARX file to the production environment by using the Data Import tool. For more information, see  Importing with the Data Import utility Open link .

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