This documentation supports the 20.08 version of BMC CMDB, which is available only to BMC Helix subscribers (SaaS).

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Troubleshooting the Dynamic Service Modeling plug-in

The Dynamic Service Modeling (DSM) plug-in is the background engine that wakes up periodically and queries to see if there are any new CI or modified CIs that meet the criteria in the saved queries for a specified CI. If a CI is found, a relationship is created to relate it to the specified CI. The DSM plug-in uses its own sandbox dataset to make changes and then runs a Reconciliation Engine job to BMC.ASSET. 

By using the DSM plug-in, you can dynamically relate physical CIs to a technical service. For example, the Web Farm Technical service could have a query that finds any web server with web_aus_ in the front part of the name.

Troubleshooting tips

<AtriumCore>/logs/dsm.log<AtriumCore>/Logs/AtriumpluginSvr.log, and AtriumCoreSvr.log file log errors if any.

To set the log level:

  1. In a browser tab, log in to the Remedy AR System using the following URL:
  2. Open the Remedy Action Request System Administration Console.
  3. Click System > General > Plugin Server Configuration.
  4. On the Plugin Server Configuration tab change the logging level from INFO to DEBUG. documentation.
  5. Click Apply.
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