This documentation supports the 20.08 version of BMC CMDB, which is available only to BMC Helix subscribers (SaaS).

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.


This section contains information about administering the following BMC CMDB components:

Task or conceptReference
Create and manage datasets and also set permissions to the datasets.Managing data sources and datasets in BMC CMDB
Configure the core CMDB componentsConfiguring core CMDB components and plug-ins
AR System plug-ins related to CMDB such as Atrium Integrator Pentaho, Dynamic Service Modeling, Federated data, Impact Simulator, and so on.Remedy AR System plug-ins related to CMDB
Setting ports that communicate with various componentsBest practices for setting ports with RPC program numbers or queues and threads
Share business service CI information with other applicationsSetting up service context to share business service CI information with other applications
Provide access to the CMDB Dashboard for a better user experience.Configuring the URL to access CMDB Portal through Mid Tier
Understand the relationships between users, groups, and roles.Roles and permissions
Setting up normalization engine permissions for multi-tenancy and normalization rules to set row-level permissions.Setting the Normalization Engine permissions for multi-tenancy
Control users' access to specific features of the CMDB Dashboard.Providing users with permissions to access the CMDB Portal by using groups and roles
Configure the AR System server to allow your users to open a CI in the old flex UI in sandbox mode.Configuring the default web path of the Mid Tier server in AR System Administration Console
Customize how CMDB calculates health and completeness metrics on the dashboard.Configuring Key Performance Indicators for CMDB
Exclude classes and and datasets used to calculate the dashboard metrics.Excluding classes and datasets for processing Dashboard parameters
Promote CDM definitions across environments using BMC Remedy Deployment Application.Promoting CMDB CDM Definitions across environments
Prepare your data for normalization.Preparing for normalization
Manage the approval status, categorization, development status, and other attributes of products.Managing the Product Catalog
Define archiving criteria for configuration items (CIs) in the CMDB.Archiving CMDB data
Configure BMC CMDB web services.Configuring BMC CMDB web services
Managing web services security policies.Access and authentication for web services
Modify the data model.Modifying the data model by using Class Manager
Access external data through the CMDB.Accessing external data through CMDB by using Federation
Create a service catalog to define the resources that deliver business services, models their behaviors and functional relationships, and manages the delivery of the resulting services.Creating a service catalog in the Atrium Core Console
Build a service model to be able to see how CI failures propagate and impact the upstream services.Building a service model
Monitor the impact of various events on a business service.Monitoring the impact of events on a business service
Enable audit for classes and attributesAuditing changes to CIs

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