This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC CMDB.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Monitoring a job in Atrium Integrator

You can use one of the following ways to monitor the status of a job in Atrium Integrator:

Using the Data Imports page

Use the Data Imports page in the CMDB Dashboard to monitor the pending and executed jobs created using Atrium Integrator Console or Atrium Integrator Spoon in the selected period. 

The Data Imports page displays the following:

Total – show all jobs in Atrium Integrator

Executed – The executed jobs in selected time window and their latest run status.

Pending – the jobs that have not been run in the selected time window. 

You can search for a job by filtering the job by name.  Click the job for which you want to view the details.

You can view job details and status of the job. You can define a schedule for the job from this page.  

You can start or run the job, delete the job, or stop running the job from this page. Click the Data Imports link on the top of the page to go back to the Data Imports page and view the record details and Runs history for that job.

Click the v arrow under the Runs History for the selected job. You can view the job run details, logging details, and the transformation run details for that job.

Using the Atrium Integrator console

As shown in the following figure, all jobs in the repository are displayed in the job catalog on the left side of the window, where you can sort the jobs by name. The right side of the window displays the job information and run history of the selected job. 

Atrium Integrator Console

You can also view job details on the Carte server. For information about how to run the Carte server, see To connect to the Carte server by using a browser.

Viewing Atrium Integrator job history

The History tab displays the information for the job selected in the job catalog, such as job run details, logging details, and transformation run details. You can filter jobs based on its status, namely Running, Completed, Failed, and Stopped. You can also select a start and end date to view jobs that were run in that period. 

To view job run details

  1. Click the Job Run Details tab to view the job run details.
    The View Job Run Status link is activated while a job is running.
  2.  Click the View Job Run Status link. 

    1. The BMC Atrium Integrator Carte server login page is displayed
    2. Log on to BMC Atrium Integrator Carte server as a AI Admin or AI User
    3. The Job Status page is displayed.
      You can view run time status of each transformation and the steps within.
  3. The Job Run Details area displays the following details:
    • Source Records: Number of input records in job
    • Records Rejected: Number of records failed to update in the target database
    • Records Created: New records created in the target database
    • Records Updated: Records updated in the target database

To view logging details

  1. Select a job from the job catalog on the left panel.
  2. Select the History tab.
  3. Click the Logging Details bar to display log details. 
  4. In the Logging Details area, click View Log Details.
    The log file appears. The log file displays the following information:
    • Time when job execution started
    • Time when job finished
    • Error messages
    • Details of records updated in CMDBOutput step
    • Details of records updated in CMDB Input
    • Details of records updated in CMDB Look up
  5. To view detailed logging details, click Export to File.
    The logging details are displayed according to the log level you have set.
  6. Specify the file name and path for the log file.
  7. Click Save.
    The log file is saved.

To view transformation run details

  1. Select a job from the job catalog on the left panel.
  2. Select the History tab.
  3. Click the Transformation Run Details bar to display transformation details.
    The Transformation Run Details area displays the following transformation statistics:
    • Transformation Name: Names of all the transformation in the job
    • Source Records:  Number of records in the transformation
    • Records Created: Number of new records created in target database
    • Records Failed: Number of records that could not be pushed in target database
    • Records Updated: Number of records updated in target database
    • Start Time: Start time of the transformation
    • End Time: Finish time of the transformation

Viewing Atrium Integrator job details

You can view the details of a selected job.

To view job details

  1. Select a job from the job catalog on the left panel.
  2. Select the Integration Job Details tab. 

    Integration Job Details area 

    The Integration Job Details area displays the following information for the selected job:
    • Job Id and Job Name
    • Created By — User name of the person who created the job
    • Create Date — Date on which the job was created
    • Modified By — User name of the person who modified the job
    • Modified Date — Date on which the job was modified
    • Source Type — Source data store for the job
    • Target Type — Target data store to which data is to be transferred (BMC Atrium CMDB)
    • Directory — Location where the job is saved in the repository
    • Job Description — Description that was entered in the Integration Job Builder wizard
    • Job Schedule — Start time of the job, recurrence type of the job, recurrence details, and Carte server on which the job is running
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