This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC CMDB.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Updating plug-in configuration settings

You can modify the configuration information for the Normalization Engine plug-in and shared plug-ins by using the Plugin Server Configuration form.

To modify the plug-in settings

  1. Open the Remedy Action Request System Administration Console and navigate to System > General > Plugin Server Configuration.
  2. Select Plugin Server Instance for the plug-in.

    For example:
    • If the Normalization Engine plug-in is running on <Host> and <Port1>, Plugin Server Instance is as follows:

    • If the Shared plug-in is running on <Host> and <Port2>, Plugin Server Instance is as follows:

  3. Click the Plugin Configuration tab, and from the Plugins list, select the plug-in. For more information on Plugin Configuration tab, see Working with Java plug-ins Open link  in Remedy Action Request System documentation. 
  4. Click Modify.
  5. In the Modify Existing Plugin form, modify the data as needed.

    For example, in the User Defined Elements section, perform the following steps:
    • To edit the setting value, select a user-defined element and edit Setting Value.
    • To add an element, click the plus sign and enter the following information:
      • Setting Name  — Use the following syntax (note that pluginName is automatically populated based on the value entered in the Plugin Name field):
      • Setting Value — You must define values for both Setting Name and Setting Value.
        If you add two values for the same setting name, only the first value is applicable.
  6. Click OK

 For more information on Plugin Server Configuration tab and Global Plugin Server Configuration tab, see Setting plug-in server options Open link  and Setting global plug-in server options Open link in Remedy Action Request System documentation. 

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