This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC CMDB.

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Release notes and notices

Learn what’s new or changed for BMC CMDB 20.02, including new features, urgent issues, documentation updates, and fixes or patches.

The feature enhancements delivered in 19.11 BMC Helix ITSM (SaaS-only) release are also available in the BMC CMDB 20.02 release.


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October 6, 2020Patch 2 for version 20.02

This patch consolidates all the hot fixes delivered for BMC CMDB version 20.02 and later into a single patch release. Patch 02 contains the updates delivered in Patch 01 for version 20.02, including Adobe Flash replacement capabilities.

August 28, 2020Patch 1 for version 20.02


Patch 2 for version 20.02 is available. You must directly upgrade from version 20.02 to Patch 2 (20.02.02) of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

This patch consolidates all the hot fixes delivered for BMC CMDB version 20.02 and later into a single patch release.

Enhancements in this patch include viable alternatives to use BMC CMDB without Adobe Flash Player with the following capabilities:

  • CMDB Audit – Updated approach to viewing audit information of a CI.
  • Class Manager – Updated and streamlined Class Manager UI including Federated Class capabilities.
  • Reconciliation Engine – Compare, Copy, Execute, and Delete activities are now available in Reconciliation Engine.
  • Atrium Integrator – Select Carte server from the list of available servers while creating an Atrium Integrator job and filter jobs by directory.
February 21, 202020.02 enhancements

Enhancements available in this release:

  • Ability to create a search query to search for CIs by using the graphical query builder
  • Updates to the Common Data Model
  • (Version 19.11 and later) Ability to map a predefined complex query to a class
February 21, 2020Discontinued support for Drift Management from BMC CMDB.

Drift Management has been deprecated from BMC CMDB. The documentation provided for Drift Management is also deprecated and provided for information only.

See Deprecated features.

October 09, 2019Documentation updateUpdated Creating or modifying classes by using Class Manager with a workaround to display BMC_ApplicationSystemServices as a weak relationship.

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