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Notification Engine plug-in

The name of the Notification Engine plug-in is BMC.FILTERAPI.NOE. Applications that rely on Configuration Item (CI) and relationship data stored in BMC CMDB sometimes needs to know whether CIs and relationships have been added, changed, or deleted.

For example, you might provide an email service using multiple servers. Any change to these servers could impact the email service. Consuming applications, such as an email service monitoring application, might have the logic to identify the potential impact of changes to the servers, but they first must be notified of the changes to those servers.

The Notification Engine enables you to define the context in which CIs and relationships are considered to be important, and enables applications to be notified whenever a relevant change is made to those CIs and relationships.

Plug-in type

The Notification Engine plug-in is a Java plug-in that runs as a part of the Java plug-in server and is named BMC.FILTERAPI.NOE.

Remedy AR System server connectivity

The Notification Engine plug-in connects to the Remedy Action Request System server using the Remedy AR System Java API.

Configuration information

The Notification Engine plug-in receives its configuration from the following:

  • The AR System Administration: AR System Configuration Generic UI form allows enabling / disabling the plug-in functionality
  • Need to add the parameter QRD-Enabled: T (T for enabling and F for disabling) 
    See  AR System Configuration Generic UI form Open link  in Remedy Action Request System documentation..
  • The AR System Administration:Plugin Server Configuration form allows configuring the plug-in.
    See Updating plug-in configuration settings.

Details of the plug-in parameters



  • The AR System Administration:Plugin Server Configuration form allows configuring the logging.
  • Notification Engine code, forms, and workflow objects use QRD and NOE nomenclature.

Best practice

To improve performance of Truesight Operations Management when working with large service models, in the User Defined Elements section of the Remedy AR System Administration:Plugin Server Configuration form, add the following settings:

  1. In the Setting Name column, add BMC.FILTERAPI.NOE.userDefined.NOE_MaxRetrieve
  2. In the Setting Value column, add 20000.

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