This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC CMDB.

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Normalization status

Each CI has a NormalizationStatus attribute to track the CI's stages of normalization.

The following table describes the possible values for the NormalizationStatus attribute.

Normalization Status values


Numeric Value


Not Normalized


The default status of a CI instance is always Not Normalized.

Not Applicable for Normalization


The CI is not normalized but did not fail normalization because for some classes, normalization is not applicable. The Normalization Engine assigns this status to CIs with classes not configured for normalization. If required, you can configure the classes or exclude them for normalization. If a class is excluded from normalization, it will affect all CIs created or updated after exclusion, and not those that were there already.

See, Configuring classes for normalization.

Normalization Failed


The CI is not normalized because no Product Catalog entry is found for the CI.

Normalized but Not Approved


The CI is normalized but not approved because the CI matched a Product Catalog entry that is not approved.

Normalized and Approved60

The CI is normalized and approved because the following items are true:

  • The CI matched a unique entry in the Product Catalog.
  • The matching product is approved.
  • The CI did not match a Product Catalog entry and the Normalization Engine created a new entry for it. 


Normalization creates entries in the Product Catalog only if you have enabled Allow New Product Catalog Entry for a data set. By default, this setting is disabled.

Modified After Last Normalization


The CI was normalized previously but has changed since it was normalized. This can happen if the CI has been normalized but at least one attribute that can be normalized has been modified.


  • If the data set is set to Inline normalization, you might not see this status for a CI, as this status appears only for Continuous and Batch mode normalization.
  • If you face data load or performance issues in Atrium Core, then for more information see, Troubleshooting Data load or Performance Issue in Atrium Core.


The NormalizationStatus attribute has an additional value named Other. This value is for future use.

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