This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC CMDB.

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Normalization Engine plug-in

The primary purpose of the Normalization Engine plug-in (BMC.FILTERAPI.NORM.ENGINE) is to normalize the instances by using the Product Catalog data. Based on the product catalog entry this plug-in normalizes the CategoryTypeItem values of a Configuration Item (CI). This plug-in can also help creating the product catalog if needed. This plug-in runs on all the servers in a server-group environment; however, only the Administration server schedules jobs during start-up.

Normalization modes

Normalization can be done in three different ways:

  • Inline mode — In this mode, the normalization of CI is done before it gets saved in the system. This is a synchronous operation and user can experience a wait when creating a CI.
  • Continuous mode — In this mode, normalization of CI will be done after CI gets saved in the system. In this mode CI's can be processed by either based on time interval or based on number of CIs.
  • Batch mode — In this mode, all the CIs of the classes that are configured for normalization will be normalized in batch mode. Using this mode jobs can be scheduled to run at different times to ease load on the system.
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BMC CMDB normalization functionality

The BMC CMDB product version 7.6.03 and later have the following functionality which can be configured on a dataset:

  • Relation Name Normalization — Creates a relation name to a pre-defined name as per CMDB best practices.
  • Auto Impact Feature — Creates the Impact model based on the pre-defined rules.
  • Version Normalization feature — Sets the attribute MarketVersion on the CI based on rules. These rules are user defined.
  • Suite Rollup Feature — Combines the products into suites for licensing purpose.
  • Instance Level security feature - Sets the read/write permissions on a CI based on the user defined rules.


Except for the Suite Rollup Feature all other features supports inline normalization.

Plug-in type

The Normalization Engine plug-in is a Java plug-in that runs as a part of Java plug-in Server.

Remedy AR System server connectivity

The Normalization Engine plug-in connects to the Remedy Action Request System server using the Remedy AR System API.

Configuration information

The plug-in receives its configuration from the following:

  • Configuration for this plug-in is maintained in the AR System Administration:Plugin Server Configuration form.
  • Gets Server-Connect-Name from the AR System Administration:AR System Configuration Generic UI form in server group environments.


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