This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC CMDB.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Managing the archive process

The Archive Manager helps CMDB administrators define criteria with which CMDB data should be archived. 

Archive Manager is supported only on admin servers, which is a server in server group where admin operations are allowed. Archive Manager will not run in a non admin server.

Archiving all classes

By default, the CMDB archive utility considers only delta changes for archiving. But, when you want to reset the archive information, you must set the Override flag to 1. Then, the utility considers all classes for archiving.

In Windows environment, this flag can be set by using the command runcmdbarchiveutil.cmd -o 1. 

For Linux, you must run the command ./ -o 1.

Archive Manager console

The Archive Manager UI is as shown in the following figure:


The Archive Manager console might take slightly longer to open as it fetches various metadata information.

Defining the criteria for archiving a CI 

The following video provides a quick overview of the Archive Manager, and shows you how to define the archiving criteria.

To define the criteria for archiving a CI:

  1. Open the Archive Manager console from Configurations > Archive Manager
  2. In the Filter by Class Name search box, filter the classes for which you want to define archiving criteria. 
  3. Click the Qualification Builder icon  to open the qualification builder from which you can define the archiving criteria. Only attributes from the root class are available for selection.
  4. Switch the Allow Manual Edit button to edit mode and enter the required qualification by using the Keywords Palette
  5. To save the changes, click OK.
    A Confirmation message to save the qualification is displayed, along with the number of CIs that would be archived when the qualification is run. These CIs are archived along with their relationships and any connected weak CIs.
    Note: The number of relationships and weak CIs that will be archived are not displayed in this message. Also, this message is not displayed if the application does not find any CIs that match the qualification criteria.
  6. Click Yes to save the qualification.
    A message is displayed stating that the archive information has been updated for the selected class.

Archiving the data 

If you want the archiving policy to be executed right away, click Run Now

The Global setting for archive age is set to 90 days. The AR System Archive runs once in 24 hours. All records with last modified date earlier than 90 days are considered for archiving. You can change this value from Global Archiving Settings in the Archive Manager.

You can specify a custom age to archive only those CIs that match the specified age as well as the qualification criteria that you have set in the preceding procedure.

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