This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC CMDB.

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Impact Simulator plug-in

The CMDB Impact Simulator (AIS.FILTERAPI) plug-in is responsible for handling commands from the user interface, organizing the simulation information and creating results. The plug-in uses the filter interface to receive commands such as add input, update input, and simulate. The AIS plug-in is responsible for queuing the CMDB for all the components and relationships and calculating the impact required for the simulation.

Plug-in type

The CMDB Impact Simulator is a Java plug-in that runs as a part of the Java plug-in server.

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Configuration information

The AR System Administration: Plugin Server Configuration form contains the basic information of the plug-in that is loaded by the plug-in server. It also contains some configuration information. The configuration information that can be changed by the user are as follows:

  • BMC.ARDBC.ATRIUM.AIS.userDefined.override_ar_server_host— By default the Remedy AR System server used by the plug-in will be the one listed in the one in ar.conf. The change made to this parameter is updated in pluginsvr_config.xml file of Atrium Shared Plugin Server. 
  • BMC.ARDBC.ATRIUM.AIS.userDefined.override_ar_server_port— By default the port for the Remedy AR System server will be the one listed in the one in ar.conf. The change made to this parameter is updated in pluginsvr_config.xml file of Atrium Shared Plugin Server. 
  • BMC.ARDBC.ATRIUM.AIS.userDefined.override_ar_system_user— By default the user credentials used for connecting to Remedy AR System are treated as Remedy Application Service User credentials. You can use other user credentials using this configuration.


    The user needs to be an administrator to be able to connect to Remedy AR System by using this method.

  • BMC.ARDBC.ATRIUM.AIS.userDefined.override_ar_system_password— The password for the Remedy Application Service User is read and decrypted from the ar.conf file. The user can override this value. If the value is found to be in plain text, the Remedy AR System will read and replace the user defined password with an encrypted version.
  • allow_loops — The CMDB Impact Simulator front end generates an error message if the CMDB Impact Simulator cell finds a loop in the model. The error is generated because CMDB Impact Simulator does not support models with loops. You can turn off this error message. 

For information about changing the plug-in configuration, see Updating plug-in configuration settings.

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