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Federation of data outside the CMDB: Calbro Services example

This use case describes how while critical configuration item (CI) data is store in the CMDB, other data that is detailed and related to the CIs can be federated to external data store. This helps maintain the efficiency of the CMDB while having the advantage of being able to view the federated data through the CMDB Explorer.


Calbro Services needs to store service and maintenance records of their printers in a Microsoft SQL database.

Allen Allbrook, a BMC Configuration Management Database (BMC CMDB) administrator at Calbro Services, knows that only core data for a configuration item (CI) should be stored in BMC CMDB. Detailed and related data for those CIs should be federated to help organize CIs and make BMC CMDB more efficient.

Allen determines that the service and maintenance database stores information that is related to CIs in the CMDB, and makes that data available using the retrieval method of federation. The federated data is then available for viewing from within BMC CMDB through CMDB Explorer.

For example, a data store can represent data from databases (retrieval type) or launch in context links. Allen uses the Federation Manager to federate external data through a data store, making that data available to view and query with BMC Configuration Management Database (BMC CMDB) tools, such as the CMDB Explorer.

Allen performs the following broad steps in the Federation Manager to make the data available to view and query in BMC CMDB:

  1. Create a federated data store.
  2. Create a federated data class.
  3. Create a federated relationship.

Federation workflow

Product | Component | ConsoleUserActionReference
Federation Manager

CMDB administrator

Create a data store and define a federated link to cross launch the CI.Making external data available through CMDB by defining cross-launch links in the Federation Manager
Class ManagerDefine a federated classCreating or modifying classes by using Class Manager
Federation Manager in the old UILink the CI to the federated data class using federated relationship class.Retrieving federated data stored externally by creating federated classes

Federation results

Calbro Services can now access federated data related to CIs from the CMDB Explorer.

Federation benefits

You can maintain an efficient CMDB by federating non-critical data outside the CMDB. 

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