This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC CMDB.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Editing Atrium Integrator transformation steps

You can right-click on any step in your transformation and perform the actions described in the following table.

Right-click options for transformation steps

Menu option


Edit step

Opens the selected step so that you can edit it.

Edit step description

Opens the Step description dialog box so that you can edit the description.

Data movement

Allows you to specify whether you want the selected step to copy all output rows to all target steps, or to distribute the rows among the target steps.

Change number of copies to start from

Allows you to launch the selected step multiple times. For a database lookup step, this might improve performance by reducing latency. For more information, see Launching several copies of a step to improve the performance of Atrium Integrator.

Copy to clipboard

Copies the selected step to the clipboard so that you can use it again in the same transformation or a new transformation.

Duplicate step

Creates a duplicate of the selected step.

Delete step

Deletes the selected step.

Hide step

Hides the selected step.
For information about unhiding a hidden step, see the Pentaho online documentation.

Detach step

Deletes the hops to the selected step.

Show input fields

Determines all the fields and their origin by tracing the input streams back to their source.

Show output fields

Determines all the fields and their origin by tracing the output streams back to their source.


Splits the transformation flow to multiple processing paths.

Check selected step

Checks the selected step and displays any warnings and errors.

Define error handling

Allows you to configure a step so that instead of halting a transformation when an error occurs, the rows that caused an error are passed to a different step.


Displays a list of all the steps in the current transformation.

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