This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC CMDB.

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Deprecation plug-in

The Deprecation plug-in (BMC.ARDBC.DEPRECIATION.PLUGIN) is used to support the create, read, update, delete operations on instances in the deprecated classes in the BMC CMDB. Sometimes, a class is deprecated by a later version of the CMDB. The deprecation plug-in handles BMC CMDB API calls from client apps that use the deprecated classes.

Plug-in type

The Deprecation plug-in is a Java-based ARDBC plug-in. It loads in the shared plug-in server for BMC CMDB.

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Plug-in initialization

In the initialization code, to create a connection pool for Remedy Action Request System server, CMDB initiates a thread and creates some Remedy AR System server connections for Remedy Application Service users. This thread loads the CMDB metadata cache that is used internally.

Remedy AR System server connectivity

The Deprecation plug-in connects to the Remedy AR System server for the getEntry() and getListEntryWithFields() calls. The get calls on the deprecated class invoke the server again.

Configuration information

The Deprecation plug-in configuration requires the following parameters:

  • Server-Connect-Name
  • Server-Name
  • TCD-Specific-Port

These parameters are defined in the AR System Administration: AR System Configuration Generic UI form.

The properties for the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) queue for CMDB and the Remedy AR System are read from the AR System Administration: Plugin Server Configuration form. You can override the server name, user name and password via this form. The default time interval for checking the CMDB cache is set as 15 minutes in this file, which can be modified as required.

For more information about Updating plug-in configuration settings, see  AR System Configuration Generic UI form Open link  in the Remedy Action Request System documentation.

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