This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC CMDB.

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Creating a normalization job

To set up continuous or batch (recurring) normalization, you must create a normalization job. 

BMC Recommendation

Do not run more than one Atrium Integration, Normalization, or Reconciliation job at the same time because they might query or update the same data. Avoid overlapping the importing, normalizing, and reconciling of CIs. Reconciling related CIs, such as a system and its components, can cause errors if all the related CIs and relationships do not exist when reconciliation starts.

Before you begin

Check that the data set you want to select in the normalization job has normalization enabled in the Dataset Configuration. You can configure the data sets from the Configurations > Manage Normalization Rules > Dataset Configurations menu option. By default, only CTI (Category, Type, Item values) is normalized.

For more information about normalization settings for data sets, see Configuring normalization settings for datasets.

To create a normalization job

  1. From the Atrium Integrator, go to Jobs > Manage Normalization.
  2. Click Create Job and enter a job name. 
  3. In Dataset Configurations, select a dataset for which you want to create the normalization job.


    We recommend that you have only one job per dataset.

  4. To make a new entry in the Product Catalog, select Allow New Product Catalog Entry.
  5. To normalize CIs of products not approved in the Product Catalog, select Allow Unapproved CIs.
  6. Select the Normalization Features Used that you want to apply.
    Make sure that you have pre-configured the rules for Normalization Features.
  7. (Optional) Set a schedule for the job to run at regular intervals.
  8. Click Save.


  • After you create a batch (recurring) job, you do not need to explicitly start the job. It runs automatically at the scheduled time. However, when you need to immediately run a job, you can select the job in the Normalization console and click Start Job.
  • You cannot edit an existing job type and change it to a different job type. For example, you cannot edit a batch job to change it to a continuous job. To change a batch job to a continuous job, you must create a new job.

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