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Atrium Integrator Carte server

Atrium Integrator Carte server is a simple web server that you can use to execute transformations and jobs remotely. All the jobs scheduled and run through Atrium Integrator console always run on the Carte server.

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Working of Atrium Integrator Carte Server 

You can start a job from the Atrium Integrator console only if the Atrium Integrator Carte server is running. When you install the Remedy Action Request System server, Atrium Integrator Carte server is automatically installed on the same computer, and runs in the background. If you restart the Remedy Action Request System server, the Carte server also restarts automatically. 

The start and stop functions of the Atrium Integrator Carte server are monitored using the armonitor.cfg file. 

Accessing Atrium Integrator Carte server

You can access the Atrium Integrator Carte server using the following URL:

20000 is the default port. You can find the port number from the UDM:Config form. 
You can login using AI Admin or AI User credentials. For more information, see Permissions to access Atrium Integrator.

To access Atrium Integrator Carter server from Atrium Integrator console

When you run a job from Atrium Integrator console, you can view the job run status from Atrium Integrator Carte server. While the job is running, the Job Run Status link is displayed in the Logging details section under the History tab. Click the Job Run Status link to view the job run status in Atrium Integrator Carte server. You can login to Atrium Integrator Carte server as a AI Admin or AI User.  

To connect to the Atrium Integrator Carte server by using a browser

  1. In a browser window, type:
    http://<HostName>:<PortNumber> HostName is the host name of the computer where the Atrium Integrator server is installed, and PortNumber is the number displayed in the Port field of the UDM:Config form.
  2. Click Enter.
  3. Log on to Atrium Integrator Carte server with AI Admin or AI User permissions also.
  4. (optional) To view the status of the jobs and transformations that have been run from the Atrium Integrator console, click Show status in the Status window.
  5. (optional) To display the log details for a job, click on that job.

To change Atrium Integrator Carte server port

You can identify a default Atrium Integrator Carte server port by referring to the UDM:config form, which has the Atrium Integrator Carte server details.

  1. Update the Atrium Integrator Carte server port in the armonitor.cfg file on the Remedy AR System server.
  2. Update the Atrium Integrator Carte server port in the UDM:Config form on the Remedy AR System server.
  3. Restart the Remedy AR System server.

If you have a server group environment, restart all the other Remedy AR System server in the server group. If the Remedy AR System server is connected to any server from mid-tier then the Pentaho AR plugin picks up these changes.

To Increase the carte server memory size

While running a complex job from Atrium Integrator console or when loading high volume of data into CMDBby using an Atrium Integrator job, you might need to increase the default memory size of the Carte server. the default memory size is 1024MB. To increase the memory, you must increase the java heap size.

  1. Open the armonitor file.
    (Windows) <AR Install Directory>\BMCARSystem\Conf\armonitor.cfg
    (UNIX) /arsystem/<server name>/armonitor.conf
  2. Edit the following parameters in the file:
  3. Edit the memory size in the parameter -Xmx<1024>m
  4. Save the file.

If you get an error while running the job in Atrium Integrator Spoon, then you need to make changes in the (Windows) spoon.bat or (UNIX) file which is located at:<arserver home>\diserver\data-integration\.

To resolve any issues with the memory, enable the following parameters for both Atrium Integrator Spoon and Atrium Integrator Carte server:

-XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError -XX:HeapDumpPath="c:\temp\MyDump.hprof" 

After making the changes in armonitor.cfg file, restart the service for the changes to take effect.

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