This documentation supports the 19.08 version of BMC CMDB.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Troubleshooting CMDB Explorer related issues

Refer to the following troubleshooting tips, if you run into issues while working with CIs in CMDB Explorer.

Cannot access Mid Tier forms from CMDB Explorer

If you are not able to open Mid Tier forms for performing Edit operations, verify the following.

  • Default-Web-Path should be set to Mid-tier load balancer base URL, and must not end with ‘/’. For example

  • Server-Name should set to load balancer URL for AR Server

CIs are not displayed correctly on CMDB Explorer

If there are any issues with CIs not displayed correctly on the CMDB Explorer, check the browser console for any JavaScript message, and watch the network traffic on browser, and check REST API request/response.  

  • REST API response 
    • When CI name is clicked on search results, GET: /api/cmdb/v1.0/ui/graphdata
    • When CIs are pushed using select button from search results, 


  • REST API response for Create CI action, POST: /api/cmdb/v1.0/instances
  • Configure CMDB Services log from Core Configurations. Set the log level to Info or Debug.

Sandbox promotion fails

If Sandbox promotion fails or does not work as desired:

  • Check if the Reconciliation Engine job has run successfully. 
  • Check the REST API response for Sandbox promotion POST: /api/cmdb/v1.0/sandbox/command/promote

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