This documentation supports the 19.08 version of BMC CMDB.

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Promotion of changes from a Sandbox dataset to production

After you create new instances of CIs, modify instances, or delete instances in the Sandbox dataset, you must promote those changes to the production BMC.ASSET dataset.

As a result, when using BMC CMDB Explorer (or the topology view accessed from BMC Remedy IT Service Management suite), you cannot make changes in the BMC.ASSET dataset to values for CI attributes that were edited or set first by BMC Asset Management. This applies to all attributes for CIs that are created manually in the BMC Asset Management application. CMDB Explorer accepts your changes in the Sandbox dataset. But when you promote the changes to the BMC Asset dataset, the values set by BMC Asset Management will not be changed. Instead, use either Smart IT or BMC Asset Management to modify those values.

Promoting changes to CIs from the Sandbox to the BMC.ASSET dataset only works for:

  • CIs that were created outside Smart IT and BMC Asset Management
  • Attribute values that were never set or modified in either Smart IT or BMC Asset Management


Promoting instances of categorization classes

While running reconciliation jobs in the Sandbox dataset, even though an attribute may be visible in the form field for a categorization class, reconciliation engine does not merge the attribute.


The OtherTypeDescription attribute belongs to the ConnectivitySegment class which is a child of ConnectivityCollection.
The ConnectivitySegment is a categorization class and hence the storage for the OtherTypeDescription attribute is present on the parent form.

When a reconciliation job runs and is processing a CI of ConnectivityCollection class, the value of the OtherTypeDescription attribute for ConnectivityCollection class is not retained after promotion. This is because this attribute does not belong to the ConnectivityCollection class and is not reconciled for a CI of this class.

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