This documentation supports the 19.08 version of BMC CMDB.

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Performing the CDM denormalization post validation tasks

When you run the CDM denormalization utility, the utility performs certain post validation tasks after denormalization. If a validation error occurs, the utility exits. You must fix the error and restart the process. The utility skips all the successful post validation checks and resumes from the point when error occurred. 

The post validation tasks are recorded in the cdmflattening.log and localhost.txt file located at <install dir>\BMC Software\AtriumCore\cmdb\utils\cdmflattening\logs

The CDM denormalization utility performs the following post validation tasks.

Post validation checkDescription
Verify CMDB class metadata operationsVerifies if denormalized classes are created successfully.
Verify CMDB class type informationVerifies if all classes in denormalized list are changed to type Categorization subclass.
Verify CMDB form definitions

Verifies join form information of classes after denormalization.

For example, in case of BMC_LogicalSystemComponent categorization subclass, the primary from is OBJSTR:CatClassStubb and Secondary from is BMC_BasElement

Verify CMDB instance API operations

Verifies the API operations of the denormalized classes

Verifies Create/Set/Delete/Get instance operations of denormalized classes and relationship.

Verify fields movement to base forms

Verifies if fields are moved to the BMC_Baselement.

For example, in case of BMC_Product class, the Product Type field is now moved to the BMC_BaseElement class. You will see the Product Type field in the Base Element form.

The UI has an option that can be selected to rebuild indexes of BMC_BaseElement and BMC_BaseRelationship classes.

It is recommended to rebuild indexes on CDM base tables (BMC.CORE:BMC_BaseElement & BMC.CORE:BMC_BaseRelationship) for performance benefits. Time taken to complete rebuilding will depend on size of DB and its performance.
Please select if you want to continue rebuilding index - (Y/N)?

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Migrating delta data after CDM denormalization

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