This documentation supports the 19.08 version of BMC CMDB.

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Creating a CI for a new service model

In BMC CMDB, most configuration items (CIs) are created by discovery applications, such as BMC Discovery and Dependency Mapping. Sometimes, you might want to  create CIs manually and then use those CIs to build a service model. In such scenarios, you can create a CI for any non production dataset.

Before you begin

An administrator must set the default web path to the Mid Tier server. For detailed steps, see Configuring the server to allow the editing of a CI.

To create a CI

Perform the following steps to create a CI for a non-production dataset:

  1. On the BMC CMDB dashboard, select CIs > Create CI.
    The Create CI dialog box opens.
  2. Select a dataset and a class.
    You are now prompted to enter a name and short description for the CI.
  3. Specify these details, and then click Save to save the CI information.
    The CI is created and you can see it in the CMDB Explorer.

You can now add edit the CI or add another CI to this dataset, and perform all other operations on the CI as described in Working with CIs and relationships.

To verify that the CI has been created, search the dataset for the CI.


The procedure for creating a CI is available directly in the BMC CMDB Interface. The Walkthroughs widget guides you through real-time, interactive steps to perform the task.  You can access the Walkthroughs widget from the Dashboard page. Click Walkthroughs, and from the Self Help menu, click Creating a CI.

Where to go from here

Designing a service model

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