This documentation supports the 19.08 version of BMC CMDB.

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Configuring the URL to access CMDB Portal through Mid Tier

To access the CMDB Portal through Mid Tier, you must first configure the redirect URL in the centralized configuration.

After configuring the URL, you can open CMDB Portal by clicking  Applications > Atrium Core > Configuration Manager Dashboard.

To configure the URL to access CMDB Portal through Mid Tier

  1. In Remedy Mid Tier, from the Applications tab, go to AR System Administration > AR System Administration Console.
  2. Go to System > General > Centralized Configuration.
  3. In Component Type, select com.bmc.arsys.server.shared > *.
  4. Add the Jetty port number.
    It is 8008 by default. If you have modified the Jetty port, you must update it here.
  5. Enter the following redirect settings in the Redirect-URL field:


    URL componentDescription

    Remedy AR System server name configured in Mid Tier.

    url-of-jetty.htmlJetty URL in the format <base-url>/cmdb/index.html.

    If you have load balancers and if the the AR TCP load balancer name is configured in Mid Tier, or if you have a load balancer on Jetty, then you must enter a redirect URL as described in the examples that follow this procedure.

  6. Click Apply.


Example configurationEntry in the Redirect-URL field

Name of load balancer on AR TCP: onbmc-s
Name of load balancer on AR Jetty:
Name of Mid Tier configured with Remedy AR System server: onbmc-s

  • (With https enabled) cmdb.onbmc-s:
  • (Without https enabled) cmdb.onbmc-s:

From the Remedy AR System server Settings you can infer that the configuration has the following settings:

  • The server 'one-server' has a load balancer on Jetty with name 'jetty-one', with https enabled.
  • The server 'second-server' has a load balancer on Jetty with the name 'jetty-two', with https enabled.;cmdb.second-server:https://jetty-two/cmdb/index.html

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