This documentation supports the 19.08 version of BMC CMDB.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Accessing and navigating the CMDB Portal

You access some of the most important BMC CMDB functionality through the CMDB Portal. 

Before you begin

Your administrator must provide you with AR system administrator permissions as described in Configuring the URL to access CMDB Portal through Mid Tier for you to access the CMDB Portal.

Overview of the CMDB Portal

The user interface of the CMDB Portal is designed to help you get a quick update on the state of the database while also giving fast access to most of the core functionalities required to manage your database.  

The user interface is designed to be more intuitive and is intended to reflect the workflow of building, maintaining, and managing a CMDB better than before.

To access the CMDB Portal from Mid Tier

  1. Log in to BMC Remedy Mid Tier with your credentials.

2. In the Applications pane, click Atrium Core and then click Configuration Manager Dashboard

The login screen for the CMDB Portal is displayed.

3. Enter your CMDB credentials and sign in. 

To access the CMDB Portal using a URL

  1. Enter the URL provided by your administrator in your browser. 
    Your administrator would have configured a URL of the following type: 

    http://<aRServer>:<jettyPort>/cmdb/index.html or https://<aRServer>:<jettyPort>/cmdb/index.html, where the Jetty port is typically 8008.
  2. Log in with your credentials.

To understand the CMDB Portal and its features

You can open the Help documentation or the Walkthroughs widget to know more about the user interface and features in BMC CMDB.

Image of the documentation link and the Walkthroughs widget on the CMDB user interface

Click the Walkthroughs widget to open various walkthrough overlays and videos that help you understand the interface and also perform various tasks.


When you click the Walkthroughs widget, the BMC CMDB application connects to the Whatfix servers to display the walkthroughs. The Whatfix servers are operated by a third-party vendor Quicko TechnoSoft Labs Private Limited. Whatfix only serves the content of the Walkthroughs and does not collect user or product transactional data. Similarly, Google Analytics does not collect user or product transactional data and only checks the usage statistics of the walkthroughs.

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  1. Ricardo Navarro

    The first screenshot of "Overview of the new CMDB UI" topic seems old. Because on this specific release 19.08v has been added the "Class Management" feature from the Main Menu. As explained here:

    Jul 07, 2020 02:58
    1. Kanchana Iyer

      Hi Ricardo,

      Thanks for your query. I have updated the screenshot.



      Jul 13, 2020 01:41