This documentation supports the 19.02 version of BMC Atrium Core.

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Summary of changes to the Common Data Model

This topic lists the changes that were made to the Common Data Model.

Changes to the BMC CMDB 19.02 Common Data Model

This section lists the changes to Common Data Model for version 19.02 of BMC CMDB.

Added location attributes on relationships

New attributes have been added to location relationships to allow specific and detailed information to be stored for locations. For example, for Location CI called 'Datacentre Denver', a CI related to 'Datacentre Denver' can have attributes for elements such as floor, row, rack, shelf that are defined as part of the relationship.

ClassAttributeDescriptionTypeRequired?Hidden?Default Value
BMC_ElementLocationFloorFloor where CI is locatedChar (256)NNNull
BMC_ElementLocationRoomRoom where CI is locatedChar (256)NNNull
BMC_ElementLocationRackRack where CI is locatedChar (256)NNNull
BMC_ElementLocationShelfShelf where CI is locatedChar (256)NNNull

Best Practice

We recommend that two relationship CIs should not be created between two same end point CIs with different location information. If you have more than one active relationship for a location, it might be difficult to know the correct location of the CI.

Added new attributes for Cost Modelling

You can now use the following new attributes in the BMC_BaseRelationship class to allow for cost modeling: 

  • CostFlow —The CostFlow attribute enables you identify the directional flow of cost whether it flows upstream or downstream or is NULL.
  • CostApportionment —The CostApportionment attribute enables you to identify the percentage of source CI cost that is to be shared by the related item or service.

Server A hosts two services- Service 1 and Service 2. If Server A is related to the two services, the CostFlow on the relationships is set to Upstream and the CostApportionment is set to 50 to show that the upstream Service 1 and 2 contribute to the cost of Server A equally.

Changes to the BMC CMDB 18.08 Common Data Model

There were no changes to the 18.08 Common Data Model.

Changes to the BMC CMDB 18.05 Common Data Model

The following changes were made to the Common Data Model:

ClassAttributeDescriptionHidden?Needs Change in CDM diagram


NormalizationStatusNormalizationStatus attribute was changed from hidden to non-hiddenNYes

Changes to the BMC CMDB 9.1.04 Common Data Model

The following changes were made to the Common Data Model.

New enum were added to the attributes.

ClassAttributeDescriptionValueNeeds Change in CDM diagram


Primary CapabilityAdded new Enum Items ( Access Point Wireless LAN Controller )

Access Point

Wireless LAN Controller
BMC.CORE:BMC_ComputerSystemReconciliationIdentificationErrorAdded new Enum ItemErrorNo
BMC.CORE:BMC_ComputerSystemReconciliationIdentificationErrorReconciliationIdentificationError attribute was added on some classes as attribute and on some only as a field. This was rectified for all non-federated root classes this was added as an attribute.

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  1. Amar Achmedan

    The script metadata-AddAttr-ElementLoc-cmd-OSD.txt is supposed to be located at "//atrium/rel/Atrium_9.1-R/objectstore/typeMngGUI/en/upgrade/910patch007". But how to find it? what is this path?

    Mar 27, 2019 05:43
    1. Kanchana Iyer

      Hello Amar,

      Thanks for your query. I will check with the SME and answer your question shortly.



      Mar 27, 2019 06:03
      1. Kanchana Iyer

        Hello Amar,

        The attributes are available now without the need for any script. Hence, I have removed the sentence. Hope this resolution is helpful.

        Thanks and regards,


        Mar 28, 2019 01:49