This documentation supports the 19.02 version of BMC Atrium Core.

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Product categorization aliases for discovered CIs

Product categorization aliases are used to rewrite the product categorization of a discovered CI to the preferred categorization. You can map incoming CI categorizations from a discovered product to categorizations that you define in the PCT:ProductCatalogAliasMappingForm form. When the CI is normalized, it receives the mappings defined in the PCT:ProductCatalogAliasMappingForm form.

A product alias is not the same as product categorization alias. A product alias is a shortcut for the product name, which can be used by Product Catalog users.

For example, if you select Desktop in the Categorization Tier 1 field in the Discovery Product Categorization area and Hardware in the Categorization Tier 1 field in the Mapped Product Categorization area, any incoming CI that is received as Desktop for tier 1 is saved as Hardware for tier 1.

Best Practice

We recommend that while mapping the product names to CI categorizations, you do not mix the product names and CI types.

For example, do no map a product name of a software CI to a hardware CI.

Include Product Name and Manufacturer in the mapping only if you want to rewrite the Product Name and Manufacturer supplied from the discovery dataset. By leaving these fields blank, you can extend the Product Catalog with the appropriate product categorization for newly discovered products.

For information about setting up a product categorization alias and mapping product categorization aliases, see the following topics:

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