This documentation supports the 19.02 version of BMC Atrium Core.

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Integrating BMC CMDB with BMC Discovery

Starting with BMC CMDB release 9.0 and later, for all fresh installations, BMC CMDB is integrated with BMC Discovery. You now have an already created ADDM dataset and reconciliation related jobs. 

If you upgrade from BMC CMDB 9.0 or earlier, you must download the ADDM integration package. Click here Open link  to download the ADDM integration package for Windows and Linux operating systems.

After installing BMC CMDB, you must verify if:

  • the BMC.ADDM dataset has been created and
  • the Identification, Merge, and Purge activities have been created as part of Reconciliation

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To verify the creation of BMC.ADDM Dataset 

Search for BMC.ADDM in the BMC_Dataset AR form. 

  1. Login to the BMC Remedy AR System.
  2. In a new browser window, open the AR Form - BMC.CORE.CONFIG:BMC_Dataset. 
  3. Type BMC.ADDM in the Name field and then click Search
    BMC.ADDM dataset that was created by default is displayed in the search results. 
  4. Verify that the following drop-down lists have correct values:
    • Accessibility: Writable
    • DatasetType: Regular

To view Reconciliation Jobs

  1. In the AR System Home page, select BMC Atrium Core > Configuration Manager Dashboard
  2. On the CMDB Dashboard, select Jobs > Manage Reconciliation.
    The Reconciliation page opens as shown in the following figure.

  3. Select the BMC.ADDM - Identification, Merge, and Purge in the list of jobs and click Edit Job icon.

  4. Reconciliation job activities are listed in the Activities table in the Job Editor window. The Sequence column in the Activities table has incremental values denoting the sequence in which the activities are completed.


    ADDM job first syncs the data as it is from the BMC.ADDM source dataset to the BMC.ASSET dataset as a part of Identification and Merge activities. The Purge activity should be performed after this, and hence should be the last activity in order to ensure that CIs with MarkAsDeleted attribute as Yes are deleted from the source dataset.

  5. Select the BMC.ADDM-Purge tab.
  6. In the Edit Activity window, ensure the following:
    1. Continue on Error is not selected. This is to make sure that the purge activity stops in case an error occurs during the purge operation.
    2. BMC.ADDM is selected in the list of datasets.
    3. Verify Soft Deleted in Target Dataset check box is selected with the value BMC Asset in the list. This is to make sure that the instances have been merged into the target dataset BMC.Asset before it is purged.

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