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Database models

A database is a collection of interrelated data that is treated as a unit and that is organized into one or more schemas. Databases are dependent on software servers and, therefore, are dependent on database servers. Common Data Model treats a database similar to any other piece of software. 

A database is modeled as an instance of the BMC_DataBase class (derived from the BMC_LogicalEntity class) and is identified by its Name attribute. Database modeling uses the following classes:

  • BMC_DataBase— defines the properties that are common across database models and vendor implementations for the database entity that is represented by the unit of interrelated data. Create an instance of this class for each managed database. You can use this class to specify the software that belongs to the database, perform system-wide database management operations (such as stopping all the databases that were created by the system for maintenance purposes), or view runtime statistics for the database.
  • BMC_Product— represents the installed database software.
  • BMC_SoftwareServer— represents the running instances of the database software. This model is the same as for any other type of software. However, because databases are critical parts of many applications, the Common Data Model (CDM) allows them to be modeled in more detail.

A typical database model is shown in the following figure:

The structure of the model differs according to the database technology. A database model for SQL Server is different from a database model for Oracle database.

SQL Server database model

The following diagram shows database model for a SQL Server. 

In the diagram, BMC_ComputerSystem with a single database product installed on it, which is SQL Server. The installation of SQL Server is represented by a BMC_Product CI. The running instance of SQL Server is represented by a BMC_SoftwareServer CI.

Two BMC_DataBase CIs represent the two logical databases supported by this software. One database holds a load of tables that represent some kind of inventory information,. The other database holds a load of tables that are used for administrator information.

Oracle database model

Oracle database functions differently than SQL Server database. The database model for Oracle uses two separate BMC_SoftwareServer classes for each BMC_DataBase.

The following diagram shows an Oracle database model:

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