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Building a service model

A service model is a collection of configuration items (CIs) that represents a business service. A business service can have one or more business processes. Each business process can contain several functional applications, each of which can have multiple IT CIs. A service model contains the processes and shows how the CIs are interconnected.

An Infrastructure Management user can create a service model either directly in the Infrastructure Management's Administration Console or by using the BMC Impact Model Designer tool.

Service models are enterprise-specific, achieving the organization’s business availability goals. The IT environment, its organization, and its operational constraints vary significantly among enterprises.

Service models have the following purposes for Infrastructure Management:

  • To be able to see how CI failures propagate and impact the upstream services.
  • To visualize the impact to a service and to automatically open Intelligent Incidents that contain information about the failed or failing IT components and services it impacts for further prioritization and faster troubleshooting.


A cost-effective strategy when you begin the process of building a service model is to select one critical business process/service, decompose it to identify all aspects of the service, and build a complete service model for that part of your enterprise.

The following topics contain further information on service models:

Task or conceptReference
List of the superclasses of the CI, the CI types, and the classes of the CI as defined in the data model which you can then use as a service model component.Service model component types
Build a service model by using the BMC Impact Designer

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Use a query that finds CIs that are associated with a specific service and add them to the service modelAutomating the building and maintenance of a dynamic service model

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