This documentation supports the 19.02 version of BMC Atrium Core.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Adding product model and version information in the Product Catalog

In the product catalog, you can add model and version information for a product, or define the platform, operating system, availability, support, part number, and locale information for a version or model of the product.  A product must have model or version information for it to be listed in the Product Catalog Entries list.

To add product model and version information in the Product Catalog

  1. From General Functions > New Product/Suite, search for a product, or create one. 
    The Product Catalog Setup window opens in New mode.

  2. From the Product Catalog Setup window, select a product. 
  3. In the Product Category area, click the Model/Version tab, and click Create.
  4. In the Product Model/Version field, enter the product version. 
    If you do not know the version, click Unknown.
  5. From the Product Model/Version State list, select the status of the version, such as Future Consideration or General Availability.
  6. In the Requires Contract field, select Yes or No
    If you select Yes, this means that this Product Catalog entry must be related to a Software License contract in BMC Asset Management to facilitate software license compliance of specified software configuration items. For more information, see the  BMC Asset Management .
  7. From the Status list, select the status of the version. 
    This parameter enables you to set the product version to one of the following status values. 
    • Proposed — Temporarily prevents the product version from being selected by an application.
    • Enabled — Enables the product version to be selected by an application.
    • Offline — Specifies that the product version is offline and temporarily unavailable.
    • Obsolete — Specifies that the product version is obsolete and no longer available.
    • Archive — Specifies that the selected product version has been archived.
    • Delete — Specifies that the selected product version has been deleted.
  8. (Optional) In the Market Version field, enter the product version with which the software licenses should be associated. 
    For example, if Calbro Services wants to track the multiple service packs and versions for Microsoft Excel as instances of version 2003, Andrew, an administrator, Market Version as 2003. 
    The MarketVersion value is used by the software license management engine to determine if the Product Catalog entry must have a related software license contract.
  9. (Optional) In Verification Key, enter the authentication key for the software package.
  10. (Optional) In the System Requirements area, enter the minimum requirements for installing the product version:
    • Minimum CPUs
    • Minimum CPU Speed (GHz)
    • Minimum RAM
    • Minimum Disk Space
  11. Enter any other optional information.
  12. Click Save.

You can now create patch information for the model or version.

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Adding patch information in the Product Catalog

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