TrueSight Orchestration Content consists of Application adapters, Base adapters, Operations Actions Management Modules and Utilities, and Runbooks.  

TrueSight Orchestration Content is installed on a compatible TrueSight Orchestration Platform. So, before you begin installing content, your platform environment must be set up. 

You use the content installation program to install or upgrade base adapters, application adapters, modules, and solution run books. The content GUI and silent installations enable you to choose one of the following installation options:

  • BSM Solutions, which selects and installs the content required for your solution (also called runbook)
  • Custom feature set, which enables you to select the base adapters, application adapters, and modules to install

The installation option that you select is determined by the terms of your license.

For instructions to download, set up your installation environment, and install content (using the Custom feature set path), see the Installing – Classic mode  section in the TrueSight Orchestration Platform documentation. 

For more information about installing content for BSM solutions, see the corresponding solution (runbook) documentation. For example, for installing the Event Orchestration run book, see Installing the Event Orchestration runbook.

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