Event Orchestration runbook

The Event Orchestration runbook provides a framework for launching Orchestration actions on events that are generated in TrueSight Operations Management.

The Event Orchestration process starts when an operator selects Launch Orchestration Action for an event in the TrueSight Presentation Server. TrueSight Orchestration receives the event data along with action ID. TrueSight Orchestration then performs triage, creates or updates an incident (optional), creates a change request (if required), and after a change is approved, performs the remediation and validation operations. At each stage of the process, a related event (associated with the main event) appears in TrueSight Presentation Server, which provides a real-time update about the Event Orchestration process.

TrueSight Orchestration integrates with BMC Helix Remedy, which is a cloud-based solution to create incidents. The runbook also supports Proactive Service Resolution, which is an integration between TrueSight Operations Management and BMC Helix Remedy IT Service Management. Using Event Orchestration, you can create change and incidents in BMC Remedy ITSM. It also supports BMC Service Resolution, which is an an integration between TrueSight Operations Management and BMC Remedy ITSM.

In addition to the existing Start Service (Restart Service in previous release) and Check Host Connection orchestration actions, the runbook supports the following out-of-the-box actions:

  • Free up disk space
  • Start Apache Web Server 
  • Start Microsoft SQL service
  • Start Microsoft Exchange service
  • Start SNMP service
  • Start Print Spooler
  • Start PATROL Agent
  • Start Oracle service
  • Start Microsoft Skype service
  • Start BMC Remedy AR System Server service
  • Start RSCD agent

For information about the end-to-end process, see Using Orchestration actions to enable triage and remediation of events

As of Patch 3 for version 20.19.02, the following new Orchestration actions are supported:

  • Start Apache Web Server via TSSA 
  • Start Microsoft Skype Service via TSSA
  • Start Print Spooler via TSSA
  • Start RSCD agent via TSSA
  • Start SNMP service via TSSA

These Orchestration actions are available out-of-the-box in TrueSight Presentation Server when you apply Patch 3 for version 20.19.02. 

In TrueSight Presentation Server 11.3.04, the actions and the relevant Orchestration policies are available out-of-the-box. 

In TrueSight Presentation Server 11.3.03, only the actions are available out-of-the-box. To ensure that a relevant action for an event is available, you need to configure the event selection criteria. For this, you must manually create Orchestration policies in TrueSight Presentation Server. 

For details, see Orchestration actions via TrueSight Server Automation

The runbook framework can be used to add Orchestration actions for any event (only PATROL Events and Alarms supported) for which you want to perform the triage and remediation actions. 

The following topics help you use the runbook.

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