Patch 2 for version 20.19.02

This topic contains information about the fixes in this patch, and provides instructions for downloading and applying the patch.

Known and corrected issues

For information about issues corrected in this patch, see Known and corrected issues


This patch provides the following updates: 

Support for ServiceNow Orlando release for the ServiceNow adapter

The ServiceNow application adapter is now certified with ServiceNow Orlando release. No changes are required in the configuration for the actor or the monitor adapter. The adapter requests and responses are updated to match the supported release. If you plan to use the ServiceNow adapter, BMC recommends that you use version 20.19.02 Patch 2. 

For more information, see ServiceNow adapter

Support for ServiceNow Orlando release for the Operations Actions Management Modules

Operations Actions Management Modules for Change Management, Incident Management, and Task Management now support ServiceNow Orlando release. If you plan to use the OA modules with ServiceNow, BMC recommends that you use version 20.19.02 Patch 2. 

For more information, see Operations Actions Management modules

Downloading the patch

For download instructions, see Downloading the installation files.

Applying the patch

After downloading the patch files, do these steps to apply the patch: 

  1. Download and extract the patch files on a server where TrueSight Orchestration adapters and modules are installed. 
    The zipped file contains the following files:

    • bmc-adapter-service-now-actor_20.19.02.002.aroar
    • bmc-adapter-service-now-monitor_20.19.02.002.aroar
    • AO-AD-ServiceNow.
    • AutoPilot-OA-Change_Management.
    • AutoPilot-OA-Incident_Management.
    • AutoPilot-OA-Task_Management.
  2. Go to the Grid Manager and click Repository Manager at the top-right corner. 
  3. On the Repository Manager > Content tab, click Upload and browse and select one file at a time.
  4. Upload all the files. 
  5. To upgrade adapters, go to the Grid Manager > Manage > Adapters tab.
  6. From the list of Adapters in the Repository, select the adapters that you uploaded and click Upgrade Adapters on Grid
    The selected adapters are upgraded and appear in the Adapters on the Grid list. 
  7. To upgrade modules, go to the Grid Manager > Manage > Modules tab.
  8. From the list of Modules in Repository, select the modules that you uploaded and click Activate
    The selected modules are upgraded and appear in the Modules on the Grid list. 

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