Update Module Configuration Items with Auth Token

This workflow accepts an authentication token while running a request to update a configuration for a specified module. 

The following table describes the input elements for the workflow.

Input elements for the workflow

Input elementDescriptionRequired
target URL

Specifies the URL to the TrueSight Orchestration peer in the following format:

https://<hostname>:<port>/<name of the peer>

Example: https://hostname.domainName.com:38080/baocdp

authentication tokenSpecifies the authentication token generated by running the Login workflow.No
module name

Specifies the name of the active module on the grid that you want to update. Specify the module name exactly as seen on the grid.

Example: AutoPilot-OA-File_Utilities

module version

Specifies the version of the module


module revision

Specifies the revision of the module

Example: 1 (default)

parameter list

Contains an XML with the following child elements:

  • <path>: Specifies the name of the configuration group, which contain configuration items. Example: ConnectionDetails.
  • <name>: Specifies the name of the configuration item.
  • <value>: Specifies the value for the configuration item that you want to update.

    Example request XML

The following table describes the output elements for the workflow.

Output elements for the workflow

Output elementDescription

Indicates whether the workflow is run successfully

Valid values: success, failure

error messageContains the error message if the request fails
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