Multiple configuration nodes

The multiple configuration nodes feature enables a single adapter configuration to have multiple remote hosts defined. Each configuration node designates the connection criteria for a specific remote host. The first configuration node is the default configuration node. If you do not assign a value to the first node, default is used. A name is mandatory for additional nodes. The following adapters support multiple configuration nodes:

  • SSH
  • Kerberized SSH
  • Telnet
  • SCP
  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • Windows Command
  • PowerShell

In the adapter request, the configuration node names are referred to as target names.

The following figure provides an XML sample of an adapter configuration with multiple nodes.

Adapter configuration with multiple nodes

  <config name="config-one">
    <>adapter-specific element1</>
    <>adapter-specific element2</>
  <config name="config-two">
    <>adapter-specific element3</>you have a config element
    <>adapter-specific element4</>


The <configs> element is optional, but BMC recommends that you use it when more than one <config> node is defined.

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