HP Service Manager actor adapter requests and responses

The actor adapter requests use the <operation-type> and <operation-name> elements in the adapter request node to execute an API call. The set of values used to execute each API call is referred to as an operation.

You use the information in the topics with the Call Adapter activity to create an adapter request. For detailed instructions about how to use the Call Adapter activity, see Call Adapter activity and Creating and configuring the Call Adapter activity.

You use the <connection-parameters> element to override the default values of the user name and password that are specified in the adapter configuration. This override is required for operations that are executed by a user with special permissions, such as:

  • approve-change
  • deny-change
  • close-change
  • approve-change-task.

The password specified in the <connection-parameters> element can be a plain password or an encrypted password.

XML sample for a base64 configuration

  <alternate-password encryption-type="Base64">PASSWORD</alternate-password>

Supported categories of operations

The actor adapter can perform the following categories of operations:

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