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TrueSight Orchestration Content 20.19.01

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TrueSight Orchestration Content consists of base and application adapters, operations actions and workflows, and runbooks. Operations actions and workflows are groups of processes, schedules, rules, and configuration items for specific operational disciplines. 

Release notes and notices
updated 09 Jul
This section provides information about what is new or changed in this space, including urgent issues, documentation updates, service packs, and patches. 
9 July, 201920.19.01.001: Patch 1 for version 20.19.01Contains fixes in the ITSM Automation runbook
21 March, 2019

20.19.01 enhancements

Describes what's new, enhancements, and known and corrected issues in this release


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Related topics

Known and corrected issues

Downloading the installation files

Support information

Getting started


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Concepts, architecture, deployment, planning, and system requirements.



Information about installing 
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Issues resolution, error messages, logs, and contacting Support.

Application adapters


Using application adapters 
that interface with a 
specific product.

Base adapters


Using base adapters 
that interface to systems 
by using 
standard protocols, 
such as JDBC, Telnet, SSH, 
or JMS processes.

Modules and Utilities


Contains a collection of workflows, rules, 
schedules, and module configuration items 
built using TrueSight Orchestration Development Studio



Contains solutions to specific use cases that include predefined adapter and module workflows, which perform functions that offer solutions to targeted IT management problems
Frequently asked questions
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PDFs and videos
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