Grid Management module workflows

You access the Grid Management module workflows using the TrueSight Orchestration Development Studio Project Navigator.


Before running any of the adapter or module management workflows, you must run the Login workflow to obtain the authentication token. The authentication token is required to run any other Grid Management module workflow. The authentication token is valid for 24 hours only.

The following table lists the Grid Management module workflows.

Workflow groupWorkflow nameDescription
AdapterAdd and Configure AdapterAdds and configures an adapter.
Disable AdapterDisables an adapter on the specified peer.
Enable AdapterEnables an adapter on the specified peer.
Get All AdaptersRetrieves a list of adapters on the grid.
Start AdapterStarts an adapter.
Stop AdapterStops an adapter.
Update Adapter ConfigurationModifies the specified adapter, including name, description, and configuration.
Upgrade AdapterUpgrades the adapter to a specified version and revision.
ModuleActivate ModuleActivates one or more modules on the grid.

Deactivate Module

Deactivates one or more modules on the grid.
Get All Activated ModulesReturns all activated modules matching the specified pattern on the Grid.

Get All Modules

Returns all modules, activated or deactivated on the grid
Get an Activated ModuleReturns a specified activated module on the grid.
Update Module ConfigurationUpdates configuration for a specified module on the grid.
Uses the authentication token to connect to the grid to update configuration for a specified module.
Updates configuration for a specified module without the authentication token. Uses username and password to connect to the grid.
UtilitiesLoginObtains the authentication token to run the adapter and module management workflows.
LogoutLogs out of the TrueSight Orchestration grid.

Utility workflows that are used in the workflow processes internally are:

  • Build Query String
  • Construct Authentication Header
  • Construct JSON Header and default value
  • Convert JSON to XML 2
  • Convert JSON to XML
  • Read Configuration
  • Read Sub Configuration
  • Strip Namespaces

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