Creating change categories

Categories classify changes and tasks, and have predefined phases to ensure that a change occurs in an orderly progression. Phases indicate steps in the change or task lifecycle. The phase determines which form will be used with a record, along with associated behaviors such as approvals or edits.

To create a change category

  1. From the HP ServiceCenter System Navigator window, select Menu navigation > Services > Change Management > Changes > Change Categories.
  2. Create a new category name. For example, if you are creating a category to manage network changes, you would create a category called Network Change.
  3. Enter a category name.
  4. Type a description for the category.
  5. In the Availability field, type true.
  6. Select the Assign Number? check box.
  7. Enter the Change Phases. Using the example of a network change category, you would enter the out-of-the-box change phases Analysis, Approval, Testing, and Implementation that are used for the MAC category.
  8. Click New.
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