BMC TrueSight Operations Manager adapter

The BMC TrueSight Operations Manager application adapter interfaces with BMC TrueSight Operations Manager. BMC TrueSight Operations Manager application adapter consists of an actor adapter, a monitor adapter, and workflow processes to perform the standard applications actions available through the BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management API.


Before installing the BMC TrueSight Operations Manager adapter, formerly known as BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management adapter, you must disable and uninstall the existing BPPM actor and monitor adapter.

TrueSight Operations Manager actor and monitor adapter also supports secure communication over a network by using TLS protocol. To enable TLS mode encryption for the actor or monitor adapter, see Enabling TLS mode for TrueSight Operations Manager adapter


For more information about the BMC TrueSight Operations Management versions supported by the adapter, see Supported application versions for the application adapters.

The following BMC Communities video (6:10) shows how to integrate TrueSight Orchestration with BMC TrueSight Operations Manager focusing on configuring the actor and monitor adapter.

The following BMC Communities video (5:12) shows how to propagate events to TrueSight Orchestration by defining a selector, selection criteria, and propagation rules when integrating TrueSight Orchestration with BMC Truesight Operations Manager.

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