20.19.01 enhancements

This topic describes the enhancements in this version of TrueSight Orchestration Content. 


For information about issues corrected in this release, see Known and corrected issues

Event Orchestration enhancements

Event Orchestration offers a reusable pluggable framework for providing Orchestration actions for events occurring in the TrueSight Presentation Server. After you install and configure the runbook, an operator can initiate Orchestration actions from the TrueSight Console, which trigger triage and remediation workflows in TrueSight Orchestration. Event Orchestration also integrates with BMC Remedy IT Service Management for incident and change management operations.

Event Orchestration provides the following enhancements: 

  • TrueSight Orchestration component registration in TrueSight Presentation Server
  • Context-aware actions for relevant events in TrueSight Operations Management
  • New use case for Host Down type of events, in addition to the out-of-the-box Service Down use case
  • Intelligence to detect and update incidents created using BMC Service Resolution
  • Support for adding custom Orchestration actions for any event

For more information, see Event Orchestration runbook

REST adapter now supports encrypted headers

REST adapter now supports encrypted data in the header. You can specify encrypted data in the header for all REST adapter requests such as POST, PUT, GET, and DELETE.

For more information and sample requests, see Specifying header fields in the REST adapter

Support for XML and secure context items for AutoPilot OA Grid Management module

The Update Module Configuration workflow in the AutoPilot OA Grid Management module is updated to support XML input and secure (encrypted) context items. New workflows such as the Update Module Configuration Items with Login and Update Module Configuration Items with Auth Token are introduced in this release to support updating module configuration using either an authentication token or by providing grid login details. 

For more information, see Grid Management module workflows

HTTP adapter now supports application/json content-type in the body

Prior to this release, HTTP adapter supported sending files by using the multipart/form-data encoding type with only text/plain content type data in the body. With this release, you can now use application/json content type while using the POST or PUT method for a multipart/form-data requests.

You specify the content-type in the element of the HTTP adapter request. For more information, see HTTP adapter

Application adapter certifications

In this release, the following application adapters are certified with the following application versions. 

Adapter nameApplication version
BMC Network Automation adapter

TrueSight Network Automation 8.9.04

TrueSight Network Automation (formerly known as BMC Network Automation) 8.9.03

BMC Server Automation adapter

TrueSight Server Automation

TrueSight Server Automation 8.9.04

TrueSight Server Automation (formerly known as BMC Server Automation) 8.9.03

BMC TrueSight Operations Manager adapterBMC TrueSight Operations Manager 11.3.01
BMC Remedy AR System adapter

BMC Remedy AR System 19.02

BMC Remedy AR System 18.08

BMC Atrium CMDB adapter

BMC Configuration Management Database 19.02

BMC Configuration Management Database 18.08

VMware Infrastructure adapter

VMware vSphere version 6.7

For a complete list of the application versions supported by the adapters, see Supported application versions for the application adapters

Support for Solaris operating system dropped

Support for Oracle Solaris as a host operating system is dropped from this release. You cannot run the TrueSight Orchestration Content installer files on a computer with Solaris operating system. 

Platform – Content compatibility

For a complete list of compatible TrueSight Orchestration Platform versions with this version of content, see the Product Compatibility matrix on BMC Support Central website. 


Log in using your support ID, search for TrueSight Orchestration Content and choose the current release to display compatibility information.

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