User scenario for unlocking user accounts by using BMC MyIT

BMC MyIT Service Broker version 3.2 uses TrueSight Orchestration as a fulfillment engine to process services through a BAO connector. The BMC MyIT Service Broker module in TrueSight Orchestration interacts with the BMC MyIT Service Broker BAO connector to invoke the workflows/services exposed to the BMC MyIT Service Broker application. 

Before running the unlock account service

Before an end user can view the service in BMC MyIT, the following tasks must be complete:


As an end user, you can submit a service request for unlocking a user account in BMC MyIT application. Depending on the configuration in BMC MyIT Service Broker, you might be asked to specify the user name for the account. The service is executed by BMC MyIT Service Broker by using TrueSight Orchestration as a fulfillment engine. 

The following figure shows the services available in BMC MyIT. 

  1. An end user requests the Unlock Account service in BMC MyIT. Based on the questions configured in BMC MyIT Service Broker, the user is asked to specify the user name to be unlocked. 
  2. After the request is submitted, the MyIT Service Broker workflow attached to the Unlock Account service is triggered to fulfill the service request. 
  3. The Invoke BAO Service activity from the MyIT Service Broker workflow invokes the TrueSight Orchestration corresponding workflow, which interacts with the third-party application, in this case, Microsoft Active Directory and unlocks the specified user account.
  4. In BMC MyIT, the status of the request is updated and the request is marked as closed.
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  1. Igor Mihevc

    It would be great to see step-by step guide how to configure the whole workflow. For example: - new form in Remedy - step by step configuration for BAO workflow (from adapter configuration to adapter customization/using in Developer Studio) which will read information from Remedy and pass it to the adapter) - response from adapter received by Remedy, closing ticket automatically in Remedy

    Oct 04, 2018 06:31
    1. Shweta Hardikar

      Thanks for the comment, Igor. That's a good idea. I will add it to our quality enhancements backlog and update the docs as required.

      Oct 05, 2018 12:56