Modifying change phases

You might need to update change phases to complete the integration. For example, if you are using the predefined Analysis, Approval, Testing, and Implementation phases, you might need to update the Analysis phase.

To update change phases

  1. From the HP ServiceCenter System Navigator window, select Menu navigation > Services > Change Management > Changes > Change Phases.
  2. Search for the change phase you want to modify, then select the Auto Open Tasks tab.
  3. Enter the required information, then click Save. Using the Analysis example for network changes, enter the following information:

    Sample change phase configuration

    Field or category name

    Value, description, or condition

    Change Phase

    Enter the name of the change phase (example: Analysis)


    Enter a description for the change phase (example: Analysis of work)

    OpenID (true) or Full Name (false)




    Enter a task category (example: Closed Loop)

    Enter the condition (example: category in $L.file="Closed Loop")

    Enter a task (example: Network Task)

    Enter the condition (example: category in $L.file="Network Change")

  4. Click Save.
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