Modifying approval notifications

Approval notifications trigger a notification when a change is approved using HP ServiceCenter macros.

To set up a macro to trigger notifications

  1. From the HP ServiceCenter System Navigator window, select Menu navigation > Utilities > Tools > Macros.
  2. Click Add and then enter the following:

    Notification macro configuration

    Field name

    Value or description

    Macro Name

    Enter a name for the macro (example: AO Change Approval )

    Applies When

    Select Change Requests are Saved

    Macro Type

    Select Mail 1 Person

    Macro Condition

    Enter the macro condition (example: category in $"Network Change" and approval.status in $"approved" and approval.status in $ in $L.old

  3. Click Set Parameters, then select or enter the following:

    Macro parameters

    Field name

    Value or description

    Send Mail to

    Select Specific Operator

    Specific Operator

    Type orchestrationuser

    Construct Messages By

    Select Evaluating Expressions


    Enter the macro expression (example: $L.message={"BCAN Change "number in $" is approved"} )

    Construct Title By

    Select Fixed Title


    Enter the notification title (example: The network change is approved )

  4. Click Save.
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