8.1.00 enhancements

This section contains information about the enhancements in version 8.1.00 of the TrueSight Orchestration Platform. 

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Platform – Content compatibility

TrueSight Orchestration Platform 8.1.00 is certified with TrueSight Orchestrator Content 20.18.01. To upgrade to this release, see Upgrading


  • TrueSight Orchestration Platform 8.1.00 uses Java 8, update 162. If you have created custom adapters, you might need to recompile the adapters with this version of Java. Some adapters might not work if they do not comply with the increased security standards enforced in this version of Java.
  • If you are upgrading an existing installation to TrueSight Orchestration to v8.1.00, you need to upgrade the following web services-based adapters due to incompatibilities with Java versions:
    • BMC Atrium CMDB adapter
    • BMC Network Automation adapter
    • CA Service Desk adapter
    • HP Service Manager adapter
    • Web Services adapter

Enhancements in 8.1.00

This section describes the enhancements in this release. 

BMC Atrium Orchestrator product now renamed to TrueSight Orchestration


BMC Atrium Orchestrator product is now renamed to TrueSight Orchestration Platform. In this release, the new product name appears on the user interface only. For example, the display names of services reflect the new name. However, the installation process, installation directories, configuration file paths, or the URLs to access the Grid Manager or the repository remain unchanged.

If you are upgrading to this release, there is no change to any of the processes, directories, and URLs. The new name reflects on the UI only. In this documentation, content in the graphics and videos still shows the old name.

Support for BMC Remedy Single Sign-On versions

This release of TrueSight Orchestration Platform supports the following Remedy Single Sign-On (external only) versions: 

  • 18.05 (External)
  • 18.02 (External)

If your current platform environment uses embedded Remedy Single Sign-On, when you upgrade to 8.1, the embedded Remedy SSO version is upgraded to

For a list of supported Remedy SSO versions, see Upgrading

New system parameters available from the Assign activity

In this release, new system parameters are now available from the the Assign activity. While developing workflows, if you are using an assign activity, and select the parameter type as System Parameters, you can now use any of the following parameters to assign values to one or more context items:







For more information, see Creating an assign statement

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