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To provide a better user experience, we have now created a separate documentation space for BMC Helix Automation Console (previously called BMC Helix Vulnerability Management).
Users of BMC Helix Automation Console can find the latest documentation at BMC Helix Automation Console. .

Configuring the BMC Discovery connector

BMC Discovery connector establishes connection with BMC Discovery (on-premises only) to find all the assets in a network. BMC discovery obtains information about the assets even if they are not enrolled in the endpoint manager, TrueSight Server Automation. As an administrator, when you integrate BMC Helix Automation Console or TrueSight Automation Console with BMC Discovery, you can identify which assets in your environment are not included in vulnerability scans. These are blind spots, and they represent potential security risks. The blind spot assets appear on the Discovered Assets page. This helps to ensure that the discovered assets are scanned for missing patches and vulnerabilities.

Configuring the BMC Discovery connector

After installing TrueSight Automation Console, BMC Discovery connector is available for configuration on the Connectors page.

To configure the connector, do these steps: 

  1. Log on to TrueSight Automation Console using the Server Automation profile and user. 
  2. Go to the briefcase menu on the top right, and click Connectors.
  3. On the Manage Connectors page, click theoption against BMC Discovery Connector and click Edit.
  4. On the Update a Connector page, provide the following details: 
    1. Enter the endpoint URL, in an FQDN format, with the port number where BMC Discovery is available
    2. Select one of the authentication type: 
      • Token Based: Provide the token.
      • User Credential Based: Enter a username and password required to log on to BMC Discovery. 
        If using a user credential based approach, a service account is created for this integration.
        After entering the password, click Save.
    3. Select one of the Business Service Configuration option: 
      • Create Business Services for all Business Application Instances containing cloud resources
      • Create Business Service based on Subgroup name where manual Group name is: Provide a group name.
    4. In the Collection Mode area, specify the data collection interval. 
      By default, the time interval is 60 minutes. Minimum acceptable is 5 minutes and maximum is 10080 minutes.
  5. Save changes. 
  6. Click> Enable to run the connector with the new changes. 

Where to go next?

Now that you have successfully configured the connector and added a service account, based on the data refresh cycle configured in the service account, the assets appear in Automation Console, under Assets > Discovered Assets page. To view discovered assets, see, Working with assets.

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