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Compliance policy scans

Compliance is the process of determining whether the systems in your environment meet a specific standard. That standard might be a regulatory standard, such as DISA or SOX, or some type of internal standard defined by an organization.

When you create a compliance policy scan in Automation Console, it creates a compliance scan job in TrueSight Server Automation. The job scans the selected asset groups and displays the results on the Manage Compliance Policies > Scan Run Results page. While creating a compliance policy scan, you select a compliance template. These compliance templates are the ones defined in TrueSight Server Automation. A compliance template consists of compliance rules that you want the server to adhere to. When you create a policy, a job gets created in Server Automation with the value for the max_parallel_targets set to unlimited. 

For managing compliance, your TrueSight Server Automation version must be 21.02.

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To add, view, and delete a compliance policy scan, see Working with compliance scan policies

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