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To provide a better user experience, we have now created a separate documentation space for BMC Helix Automation Console (previously called BMC Helix Vulnerability Management).
Users of BMC Helix Automation Console can find the latest documentation at BMC Helix Automation Console. .


Vendors release patches and metadata for their applications periodically. These patches are stored in a repository using which an administrator creates patch catalogs in TrueSight Server Automation. A patch catalog contains a list of patches that can be applied on target servers. You can only import existing catalogs from Server Automation. Currently, you can import Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Linux (RHEL), SUSE Linux, and Oracle Enterprise Linux catalogs. 

As an administrator, you add catalogs in the Automation Console and set up a schedule to update the patch catalog with the latest patches pushed by the vendor. The schedule set in the Automation Console overwrites the patch catalog schedule configured in TrueSight Server Automation.

You can also update the catalogs outside the predefined schedule. If you only need to update the catalog in Automation Console, you can perform a sync action, which syncs with the latest updated catalog in TrueSight Server Automation.

Before creating any patch policies, ensure that the catalog is updated in Automation Console.

You must add catalogs after adding security groups in Server Automation. Security groups added after importing catalogs may not be able to access the catalog. If you add a security group after adding a catalog, update the catalog and save it. Users in the new security group can now access the catalog.

To know more about patch catalogs, see Setting up the patch catalogs  in TrueSight Server Automation documentation. 

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To add, edit, disable, and remove catalogs, see Working with catalogs

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