Read the Release notes and notices for this release. Your problem might be a listed in the Known and corrected issues for this release.

If you still cannot solve the problem, log into the Customer Portal on the BMC website. You can also interact with a widespread community of TSO users and experts on BMC Communities. 

comment Ask TrueSight Orchestration community

Gathering information before contacting BMC Customer SupportCollecting diagnostics
Log filesWorking with logs
Error messagesError messages
InstallationTroubleshooting the installation
Remedy Single Sign-OnTroubleshooting Remedy Single Sign-On
Server components such as the peers (CDP, AP, LAP, HA-CDP)Troubleshooting platform peers
Development StudioTroubleshooting problems in TrueSight Orchestration Development Studio
Operator Control Panel (OCP)Troubleshooting problems in TrueSight Orchestration Operator Control Panel
Health and Value dashboardsTroubleshooting the dashboards
Database issuesTroubleshooting the Cassandra database issues
JVM memoryTroubleshooting Java Virtual Machine memory errors
Web ServicesTroubleshooting web services
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