New Repository Manager UI

Starting TrueSight Orchestration Platform 8.2.00, the Repository Manager graphical user interface (GUI) is updated using a new framework that does not need Flash. For this release, the old repository UI is also available, however BMC encourages you to use the new UI.  

If you are upgrading from an earlier version, content in the repository, and all role-based access settings such as groups and permissions appear seamlessly in the new UI. 

What’s changed in the new UI

UI changes – A comparison

The following table compares the old and the new GUI. 

AttributesNew UIOld UI
Tab nameContent, Transfer, Permissions Manage Content, Transfer Content, Manage Permissions
New color schemeUses the new BMC color scheme

Uses the old BMC color scheme

Content tab
Easy access to types of content

Separate tabs for adapters and modules.

Running list of adapters and modules arranged according to the type, alphabetically.
New columns

In the Adapters and Modules tab:

  • Name
  • Author
  • Version/Revision
  • Last Modified
  • Download

Type, Name, Version, and Last modified.

For additional details such as the Author, Version/Revision of the adapter, one needs to expand the content to view the details.

Additional information about the content

Detailed information about each content revision is available:

Only limited information about a revision such as the Author, Last Edited By, Creation Date, and Last Edit available.

Transfer tab
Filter to view only adapters or only modules

Filter to view only adapters or modules, which enables ease of transfer.

No ability to filter according to the content type.
One-click transfer of all content

The header-level checkbox against the Name field enables you to select all content and transfer to and fro between the repositories with just one click.

You can select all content by using the SHIFT+arrow keys.
Permissions tab
Actions list

Group actions such as Edit Permissions, Copy Group, and Delete Group are clubbed in an Actions list.

Separate buttons on the UI.


If you want to access the Repository Manager using a URL directly instead of launching it from the Grid Manager, you now use the new URL:

New URL: https://FullyQualifiedDomainName:repoWebServerPort/ux

Old URL: https://FullyQualifiedDomainName:repoWebServerPort/baorepo

If you access the Repository Manager link from the Grid Manager application, the new UI is launched. The old UI is still available in this release and is accessible by using the URL.

Permissions tab – Cleaner, organized UI

In the old UI, two high-level categories for permissions were clubbed together with no clear distinction between permissions that determine how to user will access the Repository Manager and permissions for accessing content (adapters and modules).

In the new UI, two separate sections clearly define the Repository Permissions and Content Permissions, which enable you to easily identify and assign permissions to groups based on your requirements.

Edit permissions for multiple groups at a time

In the old UI, you can only edit permissions for one group at a time. Using the new UI, you can select multiple groups. 


Only the selected groups are displayed in the Edit Permissions page. 

Delete multiple groups with a one-click action

You can now select several groups from the list and delete them with a one-click action. In the old UI, you could only delete one group at a time.

Where to go from here

To experience the new user interface, go to Accessing and navigating the Repository Manager. To work with your content, go to Managing content in the repository

For more information about permissions in the repository, see Managing repository groups and permissions

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