New Operator Control Panel UI

Starting TrueSight Orchestration Platform 20.02.00, the Operator Control Panel (OCP) graphical user interface (GUI) is replaced with a new UI that uses a new framework, which does not need Flash. 

If you are upgrading from an earlier version, workflows that are exposed to the OCP from the Development Studio appear in your new UI. 

What's changed in the new UI

Learn what's changed in the new UI.



New URL: http://<hostNameOrIP>:<CDPWebServerPort>/ocpux

Old URL: http://<hostNameOrIP>:<CDPWebServerPort>/baoocp

In the URL, <hostNameOrIP> indicates the IP address or host name of the configuration distribution peer (CDP) installed.

The <CDPWebServerPort> is the web server port designated during the CDP installation.

Workflow indicators

For a successful workflow, the workflow tab on the canvas turns green. For a compensated workflow, the workflow tab is red. 

The colored tabs indicate the status of any workflow on the canvas at a single glance without the need to open the workflow tab.

In the following figure, one workflow is successful, and the other is in a compensated state. 

Limitations in the new UI

In version 20.02, there are a few limitations in the OCP. 

Step mode

In previous versions, you could run a workflow in a step mode, which enabled you to troubleshoot the workflow by stepping over or into activities during workflow execution. In a step mode, when you run a workflow, the Operator Control Panel pauses at each activity and waits for your input. 

Session restoration

If you close the current session, the workflows are not restored when you log back in to the application. The workflow information is still available on the CDP. 

Increasing the number of active workflow tabs on the canvas

In the new OCP, five workflow tabs can be open on the workflow canvas at any given time.

You cannot increase the maximum allowable active workflows by modifying the product configuration file.

Search for workflows in the workflow explorer pane

There is no option to search for a workflow in the workflow explorer pane on the left side of the application UI. 

Zoom in, zoom out options

You cannot zoom in or zoom out of the workflows open on the workflow canvas.  

Where to go from here?

To experience the new UI, go to Accessing and navigating the Operator Control Panel. To execute workflows, go to Executing workflows

For understanding more about the application, see Using TrueSight Orchestration Operator Control Panel

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