Using TrueSight Orchestration Operator Control Panel

The Operator Control Panel software is a web-based interface that enables operators, such as service desk personnel, network operators, and IT technicians, to run workflows in a semi-automated mode. Using Operator Control Panel, operators can fulfil requests for IT services more accurately and efficiently while maintaining full control of workflow execution. Operators can manually launch a workflow, follow its progress in a graphical view, step-through workflows interactively, and debug workflows. Each instance of Operator Control Panel can attach to only one peer and provides access to a single grid.

Starting 20.02, is refreshing the OCP using a new framework that does not need Flash. After the upgrade, you can see all your data in the new UI seamlessly. 

A workflow can be accessed in the  Operator Control Panel if Expose Process In Operator Control Panel was selected in the Process Properties dialog box when the workflow was created.

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